The “Alignment” series is Lindsay’s more abstract reductive approach to her painting style. Her aim for simplicity is to say very little yet convey so much more. The brushstrokes are full of intent, are purposeful and, are controlled. Long gone are the almost rough exterior of the past. They have become a precise and disciplined show of skill; as such they reflect her evolving sense of self.

Lindsay adds: “As I sought to resolve my own issues of disillusionment, recklessness and release, I found myself refining my own style of painting with hidden messages and secret elements. The tension between conformity and rebellion became less evident as I conquered this discipline of restraint; it was in sync with my own developing sensibilities. And, from my time on an Old Masters' course in Paris, even the process of mixing the paints and the layering of the oils added the depth, richness and calmness I pursued."

Each of the paintings in the series echo Lindsay’s progress on her quest to evolve. At first with “Alignment I”, it was a conscious decision to strip back and the aim? Abstraction at its purest! However, as each painting progressed she found the process surprisingly therapeutic and more refined. She says: “As I advanced along this road I was overwhelmed by the sheer stillness that encircled me”.

By the time she created “Alignment III” it was stronger and even more decisive. It had an almost meditative effect on her. Moving the brush more slowly and building the many layers was a defining moment of reduction and utter peace. Lindsay states: “when I created “Alignment IV” the changing tide of emotions were rippling through it, being more expressive. The graduating changes in the darker recesses had conceptually glimmers of light and joy. Yes, I knew then that the Alignment series was not over for me, it was just the beginning”.

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